Priceline names top airline deals has released its “Frugal 15” - a
list of the 15 best airline ticket deals for those who book their
summer 2007 travel now.

News on the gasoline front certainly isn’t promising. According to
the federal Energy Information Administration, the average price of a
gallon of gas for the week of May 14, 2007, was $3.10. That’s already
above last year’s peak and represents the highest per-gallon price in
the last three years. In cities like San Francisco, the price has
topped $3.50 a gallon.

  Anyone planning to make the 1,706 mile round trip from Washington,
DC, to Orlando in a 20-mpg Ford Explorer can expect to spend 26 hours
behind the wheel and $267 in gasoline at the $3.10-a-gallon national
average. By air, the trip would take a little over 2 hours each way
and cost $123.

  “Domestic airline capacity continues to be tight, which means
there will be competition among consumers for available summer
tickets,” said Mark Koehler,’s Senior Vice President,
Airline Ticketing. “This likely will be another ‘you snooze, you lose’
summer in terms of getting the best prices. However, we are seeing
that there are great deals and savings currently available for some of
the summer’s most popular routes and destinations. Priceline has
created a ‘Frugal 15’ list highlighting some of those deals. And, for
consumers who can’t act now, there’s always’s Name Your
Own Price(R) airline ticketing service.”

  Recently, launched a new marketing campaign, titled
“The Negotiator,” that focuses on the online travel service’s ability
to obtain the best deals for its customers.’s airline
ticketing service accomplishes that goal in several ways: