Study: Worst in-flight etiquette offences has revealed the results of its latest poll: “Which bad-mannered flier’s habits do you find most offensive?”
Reclining in your seat and squishing those behind you came in as the worst offence taking a huge 37% of the poll suggesting that space and comfort are of most importance to fliers.

Being kicked in the back of your seat (28%) was the second most offensive in-flight habit reinforcing the idea that comfort is a priority to fliers. Drinking too much and displaying drunken behaviour in-flight (9%) came in next demonstrating that a plane should perhaps not be regarded as a pub and fliers should respect their fellow travellers by showing some restraint on the alcohol front to avoid confrontation.

Feel free, however, to satisfy your hunger with fish sandwiches or a spicy sausage. People eating whiffy food came last, taking only 1% making it clear that people are less happy to have their space invaded than their nostrils when on a plane. Other habits featured in the poll were stray elbows digging into your neighbour (8%), constant chattering and excess luggage (both 5%) and attempting to be the in-flight DJ by playing your music too loud (3%).