Qantas Chairman to step down

The Chairman of Qantas, Ms Margaret Jackson, said
today she would retire from the Board of Qantas later this year.

  Ms Jackson said she had informed her fellow Qantas Board members of her
  decision at the start of a two-day Qantas Board and Management Strategy
  session yesterday.

  “The meeting discussed Qantas’ plans for the next three years following
  the failure of the takeover bid by Airline Partners Australia.

  “It also discussed Board succession planning and management stability,”
  Ms Jackson said.

  Ms Jackson said fellow Board member James Packer had also informed the
  Board yesterday that he would resign from the Board effective from the
  AGM later this year.


  “The Board will spend the next few months considering my succession and
  a replacement for James, who has served the Board with distinction and
  diligence,” she said.

  Ms Jackson said the Board indicated full support for the management and
  its positive and exciting plans for the future of Qantas.

  “In particular the Board endorsed the leadership of Geoff Dixon as Chief
  Executive Officer and his senior management team.”

  Ms Jackson said Mr Dixon had committed to stay as Chief Executive
  Officer until at least July 2009.

  “Geoff and I have also spoken to the senior management team who have
  agreed to continue with Qantas.”

  Ms Jackson said the past eight months had been particularly testing and
  coupled with 15 years on the Board and seven years as Chairman, she felt
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