El Al enhances online experience

El Al has a deployed a new shopper system on its website which maximizes flight scheduling and price flexibility.  Danny Gosis, El Al’s E-Commerce Project Manager, had this to say about the new system. “Before we developed this new pricing matrix customers were having a difficult time searching for the lowest possible flights.  They were able to sort by price but only for the days that they selected. Now with our new system they can graphically see the best times and prices to fly for the entire week.  In the matrix, we color coded flights by price so that the lowest priced flights are easy to spot.”

El Al’s innovative price matrix works for all types of ticket purchases; one way, round trip and multi city.  The matrix color codes the boxes so that customers can easily see which flight are the cheapest and for return and multi-city tickets it shows which combination of flights are the lowest priced.

Customers who use the shopper at El Al’s web site also see the flight schedules listed next to the price matrix.  The flight schedules are arranged by date but have the same color coding as the price matrix to show which flights are the lowest priced.  Another feature of the flight schedule is that when there is a day flight on the same day (New York flights only) as a flight being shown a small smiley face will appear showing that there are lower priced flights available on a day flight for the same day.

“Our commitment to customer satisfaction led us to develop this system where customer have 3 different graphical ways to purchase a low cost ticket which matches their dates”, said Danny Gosis.  El Al has received so much positive feedback about the new shopper that they will continue to expand and improve it. 

Danny Gosis concluded with, “The overwhelming positive customer response to out new shopper has been great, you can be rest assured that we will not sit back on our laurels we have future improvements already being worked on.”