Naverus deal boosts Southwest efficiency

Southwest Airlines and Naverus have signed an agreement
to partner on development of an RNP program.RNP (Required Navigation
Performance) brings together the accuracy of GPS (Global Positioning
System), the capabilities of advanced aircraft avionics, and new flight
procedures to achieve safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly
flight operations.
  “We recently commissioned Naverus to illustrate the benefits of RNP for
Southwest Airlines,” said Mike Van de Ven, Southwest EVP and Chief of
Operations. “We discovered how Tailored RNP can be used for more than just
terrain-challenged airports. By using it everywhere we’ll unlock the
tremendous capabilities of modern avionics, maximizing our investment in
new aircraft and equipment.”
  Tailored RNP procedures reduce fuel consumption, improve safety, and
minimize emissions and noise while simultaneously taking advantage of the
high-performance characteristics that exist in an airline’s fleet. These
enhancements distinguish Tailored RNP from publicly available or Public RNP
procedures which are designed to serve a broad variety of users. “RNP is a
cornerstone of the FAA’s Next Generation Air Traffic System,” Van de Ven
said. “We applaud the FAA’s forward thinking and are eager to work with
them as we deploy RNP and provide our industry with operational
efficiencies including reduced fuel burn, lower greenhouse gas emissions,
less congestion and fewer delays.”
  Naverus will share its experience and expertise in RNP program
development with Southwest as they develop new policies, procedures and
training materials for RNP operations. The partnership will continue with
Naverus using its recently earned designation from the FAA as an RNP
Approval Consultant to guide Southwest through the approval process.
  “Southwest, the perennial leader in airline efficiency, is embarking on
a revolutionary new flight operations philosophy that will put them in a
whole new league,” remarked Dan Gerrity, CEO of Naverus.
  Following FAA approval to conduct RNP operations, Southwest and Naverus
will work with the FAA, Air Traffic Controllers, and airport communities to
develop and implement tailored approach and departure procedures at each of
the airports Southwest serves.