Worldspan targets Polish biz travellers

Worldspan has introduced a new Polish language version of Worldspan Trip
Manager XE, representing the first corporate travel management solution and
Web-based self-booking tool to offer Polish business travelers a local
language interface. Corporations and their travelers received the upgrade
electronically, enabling travelers to select their native language and
immediately enjoy the benefits of planning and booking trips online through
the new graphical user interface (GUI). Corporations and their Worldspan
partner travel agencies also benefit from a Polish language application for
managing travel programs and expenditures.
  “Our clients have been using Trip Manager XE with great success and the
new Polish version is a complement to a tool that is already easy for our
clients to use,” said Aneta Montano, director of Travel Express, a Warsaw-
based travel agency that subscribes to Worldspan. “This powerful e-commerce
tool places global travel choices at the fingertips of corporate travelers,
and enforces compliance with travel policy at the same time.”
  “Worldspan is pleased to introduce this Trip Manager XE system
advancement. We will continue to enhance the product in ways that deliver
exclusive benefits to Polish companies and their travel agency partners,”
said Albert Lange, Worldspan country manager - Poland.
  Trip Manager XE provides business travelers with real-time connectivity
to the products and services of airlines, hotels and car rental locations
worldwide. It interfaces with the Worldspan global distribution system
(GDS) and renowned global fares and pricing system, providing
up-to-the-minute availability and bookings for millions of airfares daily,
including low-cost carriers.
  Trip Manager XE is recognized worldwide for its user-friendly features,
which enable travelers to plan and book trips online in four minutes or
less. It offers state-of-the-art shopping and booking features, including
airline seat selection from Worldspan’s popular live seat map displays,
hotel and car images to help travelers make quick selections, and much
more. Trip Manager XE is the first online corporate travel management
solution built upon the .NET platform, which allows corporations in Poland
and worldwide to easily integrate travel with their existing operating and
expense management systems.
  To help reduce corporate travel spending, Trip Manager XE enforces full
compliance with corporate travel policy while travelers are booking trips
online. In addition, Trip Manager XE integrates with exclusive fares and
pricing technologies from Worldspan that significantly improve a
corporation’s ability to control air travel spending. These include
Worldspan SecuRate(SM) Air for managing private and negotiated fares, and
Worldspan e-Pricing(SM), a powerful suite of tools that continue to set
global standards in low-fare shopping and booking technology.