Sofitel plans website redesign

Sofitel has created a new homepage for their website at, one of the first signs following the announced new momentum of the brand, and their planned ascent in the luxury hotel sector.
This redesign maximises the efficiency of searching and reserving hotels from the brand’s portfolio of 200 hotels worldwide, while at the same time offering easy access to new promotional and themed offers.

A sole navigational menu simplifies use of the site as it allows access to all of the various sections no matter what page is currently being viewed.

The new search engine is even simpler and faster than before, allowing for quick access to desired hotels, as well as inspiration for ideas by ranking the most reserved destinations.

The promotional area presents increased accessibility to Sofitel’s special offers: Sofitel has also multiplied the number of offers and lists them by Destination, Resorts, Spa, Meeting and Special Offers for easier navigation.

The Privileged client area reminds users of the numerous features associated with the brand’s partners, including airline companies, credit cards and the Sofitel Privil├Ęge loyalty card.


The area dedicated to the Sofitel brand provides regular updates on the latest hotel openings across the world and current affairs.

This new homepage symbolises the Sofitel universe, an initial step before the complete redesign of the site which is planned for the end of the year.