Opodo in marketing drive

Opodo is consolidating its affiliate marketing partnerships with TradeDoubler, the pan-European digital marketing company.

Opodo originally opened its affiliate programme with TradeDoubler in 2002, and ran it in conjunction with a second programme managed by another network. However, having undertaken a major restructure of its marketing division, the decision was made to appoint a sole affiliate marketing provider. The premise for choosing TradeDoubler was based on their proposal to significantly ramp up Opodo’s online activity, combined with the fact that Opodo wanted to have a long-term, partner relationship with a proactive company.

Paul Treanor, Head of Marketing UK, Opodo Limited, comments, “We teamed up with TradeDoubler because they are best placed to work in partnership with Opodo to develop a long-term, strategic online marketing programme. TradeDoubler is not merely an affiliate marketing company, they offer the strategic practises we need in order to grow our affiliate programme. We have an ambitious target to increase our growth over the next 12 months and we believe that TradeDoubler are positioned to help us reach those targets.”

Andreas Bernström, COO, TradeDoubler says, “We’re very pleased to have been chosen to play such a crucial role in Opodo’s e-commerce strategy. This exclusive agreement is testament to our continued commitment to ensure that our clients have the most relevant and best possible bespoke solutions to meet their affiliate programme needs. Opodo obviously saw us as the right fit to help them obtain their ambitious goals and we’re delighted that Opodo has already extended its programme, capitalising on our expert Search terms and Digital Account Consultancy time. The next 12 months is going to be very exciting.”