Oman Air sponsors Oman Travel Market

Oman Air is contributing as a Platinum Sponsor of Oman Travel Market. The Sultanate’s inclusive event for promoting and marketing of inbound, outbound and intra-regional tourism, planned to provide a forum for travel and tourism related companies to popularize Adventure, Business, Leisure, Responsible/Eco and Religious tourism among the Sultanate’s traveler.

In this regard, Corporate Communications and Media Department in Oman Air said that while most of the country’s revenue is derived from oil, the government has now set its sights on greater diversification. This includes enhancing the contribution of tourism, though with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Tourism intended purposely at those concerned in the natural environment, or eco-tourism, may be the keystone to the future of the industry in Oman. Considerately intended and carefully managed it will allow for the generation of revenue without conflicting with conservation concerns and cultural heritage. Oman Travel Market is an exclusive travel and tourism event in the Sultanate of Oman representing the real estate tourism, adventurous tourism, health tourism and the traditional tourism areas. It is a platform for Oman to display its tourism attractions. Tourism in Oman will be increased in a manner, which is focused, sustainable, and in harmony with national interests. Oman’s tourism potential is enormous and continues to grow.

They add ‘We at Oman Air believe that the private sector has to come forward to invest in different activities in tourism, so the government can focus on infrastructure building and creating a conducive environment. The Sultanate is a leading example of a country that has used its capital from oil and injected it into building the country’s infrastructure to provide for its flourishing leisure and business tourism. Oman Air’s Management recognizes the role of the private sector in the national economy in general and in the tourism sector in particular is essential. Oman offers a compelling sense of exploration and discovery, and The OTM has generated considerable interest at the regional as well as international level. The event Offers a platform for the travel and tourism industry of both Oman and other countries to highlight their offerings, is being organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and supported by UNESCO’.

‘The past few years have seen a remarkable increase in investment in this sector. Public and private investments in the tourism sector have exceeded RO200 million during the Fifth and Sixth Five-Year Plans. According to preliminary estimates, the investment in the tourism sector is expected to double during the Seventh Five-Year Plan. Outbound tourism is growing bigger every year. Omanis love to go places with their families. Far East and AGCC countries are quite popular among them. In addition, Development of tourism is one of the focus areas of the government of Oman as it creates job opportunities for the young Omanis. Domestic tourism will get a boost by the exhibition aiming to popularise and familiarise people with the destinations of the Sultanate, as Omani citizens and residents will come and get information about travel and tourism options available in the country’ they further said.