Philly gets TV web series is launching the
24-episode Cheap Dates series, which will reveal finds on eating, drinking,
music, culture and more. A blog post will complement each
episode, outlining the spots profiled in the show and featuring a map of
the route.
  The episodes will include stops at bocci courts, boxing rings, cheese
caves, underground malls, dog parks, ethnic eateries, food trucks, cultural
centers, tequila bars and outdoor murals in neighborhoods.
  In addition to opening and closing bumpers, uwishunu’s 15-second spot
will air at the end of each Cheap Dates episode. Live links to
and specific posts within the site will be embedded in each Web episode.
  uwishunu(TM) (“you wish you knew”) is a two-year tourism initiative
created by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC)
to promote the unconventional side of the city primarily through the power
of new media and Web 2.0.
  For travelers looking to experience what they see in the series,’s one- or two-night Philly Like A Local hotel stay includes
fun amenities to help visitors discover all they wish they knew about the
city. Philly Like A Local is now bookable on, or
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  Philebrity is a Web site devoted to Philadelphia arts, media, politics
and gossip, launched in 2004. Since its debut, Philebrity has built a
voracious audience of in-tune readers aging from college kids to baby
boomers, who all share a very good sense of humor about the City of
Philadelphia. Philebrity also hosts a lot of shows and parties.
  uwishunu(TM), created by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing
Corporation (GPTMC) and funded by the City of Philadelphia, reveals the
unconventional side of Philadelphia by providing an insider’s look at the
city’s dining, drinking, nightlife, active pursuits and culture as shared
by Philly-wise locals. For cool things to do in Philly from the people who
really live there, visit