Orbitz launches brand campaign

Orbitz.com is launching its new brand campaign, which evolves the brand forward with a little help from the Orbitz logo.
“To build a brand that drives business, ‘borrowed interest’ works. Branded interest lasts,” said Randy Wagner, Chief Marketing Officer, Orbitz Worldwide, a division of Travelport Ltd. “Our dynamic new brand iconography telegraphs the reasons why more customers are booking versus simply looking on Orbitz.com.”
The launch of OrbitzTLC, in January 2006, is one reason why more customers are likely to use Orbitz.com. According to a recent Hall & Partners study , air customers who were aware of OrbitzTLC were 61% more likely to book with Orbitz.com in the future. The new ads communicate the value of OrbitzTLC travel tools and service differentiation available to customers through Orbitz.com.
“Orbitz is loyal to our customer versus expecting them to be loyal to us,” added Wagner. “To deliver that loyalty, our people continually leverage traveler insights to invent new ways to keep customers a step ahead of the pack - that is what OrbitzTLC is all about and what ultimately earns repeat business.”
Orbitz began sending proactive alerts to customers in 2001, alerting them to flight departure delays, gate changes and cancellations. Since 2003, more than 80 million alerts have been sent to customers.
The OrbitzTLC technology is supported by a team of former U.S. military air traffic controllers, travel agents and a full time journalist. The expert team at Orbitz, powered by innovative technology, supports customers by monitoring events like weather, air congestion and other related issues that may impact travel, such as transportation strikes or civil disturbances.
“The brand differentiation goes well beyond alerts as we continue to define service within the Internet age,” said Tom Russell, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Orbitz Worldwide. “Through marketing’s partnership with our technology team, we can better tell the story of Orbitz’ differentiation through our enhanced communication strategy.”
The new pool of commercials demonstrates the many ways that customers stay “A Step Ahead” when they use Orbitz.com. The imagery within the ads clearly communicates the added value that people receive when booking with Orbitz, at no additional cost.