RailAgent launches training modules

Wandrian is extending the 10% commission on Eurail bookings promotion to May 31, 2007 to celebrate the significantly improved travel agent training and support on RailAgent.com, its web booking portal. Improvements include: an online training demonstration of the best way to book rail passes and city-to-city tickets, a streamlined registration process, and the expanded phone support.

“We gathered customer feedback from RailAgent 2.0’s March launch, and found ways to immediately enhance the RailAgent.com booking experience by implementing these improvements,” said Mike Fuller, President of Wandrian, Inc., the developer of RailAgent.com. “These enhancements bring us closer to our goal of being the most agent-friendly rail booking tool in the business.”

Training Modules

The new training module is an online, multimedia video that gives agents a personal tour through all steps for booking rail most effectively.  The online training gives tips, ideas, can be navigated by topic and can be viewed by agents at their leisure.

Streamlined Registration

Based on user feedback, RailAgent.com now has a streamlined registration process to enable new agents to take advantage of the high commission rates, low prices, and other incentives immediately.

Customer Service - Phone and Web

Unlike other trade websites, RailAgent.com offers the same commission and prices both online and for phone orders.  Additionally, increased customer service now results in a phone queue on average of less than three minutes.


“Even though we are a web-based booking tool, our mandate is to simplify the selling of rail for travel agents, both online and offline.  We are very receptive to their phone calls and do not penalize agents for them,” commented Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. To keep encouraging even more agents to “Cross Over to RailAgent.com,” the site has extended its 10% commission on Eurail Global Passes, Eurail Global Passes Flexi, Eurail Select Passes, Eurail National Passes and Eurail Regional Passes for all new bookings until May 31, 2007.