Jordan inaugurates Marriott Forest

In its endeavor to spread awareness on environmental issues related to work and to all its employees, and as part of the activities planned during the Hotels Environmental Awareness Month “HEAM” - April 2007, the Environment & Community Club of the Marriott Hotels in Jordan arranged for an environmental trip to Um Rummaneh. A group of 30 managers and associates from Marriott Hotels in Jordan, including Mr. Vatché Yergatian, the General Manager of the Amman Marriott Hotel, celebrated the World Earth Day by inaugurating the “Marriott Forest” in Um Rummaneh.

The group started the day’s activities by a quick overview from Mr. Yergatian about Marriott’s plans for the renovation of the soon-to-be “Marriott Forest Lodge”, which is planned to be ready by the 1st of August 2007. The Lodge will be used for future employee outings, team building and general hotel activities.

A group of associates dug the ground where they placed two permanent Marriott Forest signs with the “Marriott’s Spirit to Serve Jordan” logo. Another group worked on clipping and pruning the existing trees and clearing the weeds from around them.

The idea of creating a “Marriott Forest” at this particular location was initiated by the members of the Jordan Business Council for Marriott Hotels in Jordan.  The JBC aims to have the most environmentally friendly hotels with employees that are environmentally conscious. It is committed to the responsibility of protecting the environment for its employees, its guests and communities.

Marriott International manages three properties in Jordan, the Amman Marriott Hotel, the Petra Marriott Hotel and the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa.