ATA backs green initiative

The Air Transport Association has issued a
statement applauding the coal-to-liquids legislation introduced by Reps.
Boucher and Shimkus.“The airlines strongly support the development of alternatives to
traditional petroleum-based jet fuel and applaud the legislation
introduced today by Reps. Boucher and Shimkus, which promotes the
development of coal-to-liquids technology,” said ATA President and CEO
James C. May. “Alternative fuels have the potential to bring significant
economic, operational and environmental benefits to the airlines, as
well as energy security for the country.

“With 19 to 20 billion gallons of jet fuel consumed per year, fuel now
tops expenses paid by airlines. In 2006 alone, U.S. airlines spent more
than $38 billion on jet fuel,” May said. “While airlines improved fuel
efficiency by 35 percent in the past six years, the unrelenting rise in
these fuel prices and an unstable global fuel supply source necessitate
efforts to find alternative jet fuels.”