Expedia Corporate in car rental focus

Expedia Corporate Travel has launched a new car rental platform, available to European customers, allowing them to maximise savings across all aspects of their travel. This option is particularly attractive for corporate travellers to foreign destinations. Customers can utilise Expedia Corporate Travel’s special car rental rates whilst also gaining wider cover in countries and regions not usually served by traditional domestic contracts.

The platform also offers car rental customers greater choice including car type, multiple offers from major companies and price segmentation. Customer choice is further facilitated by simple rate comparison tools. Additionally, customers make their choice knowing they will not incur any hidden costs as Expedia Corporate Travel pricing already includes all associated costs such as insurance, taxes and surcharges.

Additionally, the new platform carries an intuitive user interface which allows customers to utilise smart search and compare options, as well as to fine tune their choice with additional aids such as:
? Car pictures, maps and address listings

? Special pick up and drop services from pre-defined points

? Last minute online cancellations

? Upgrade options after first selection

Expedia® Corporate Travel Europe Vice President Christophe Pingard says: “The new car rental platform’s multitude of offerings and cost-efficient options is ideal for corporate travellers.

By introducing these new tools we are continuing in our mission to add value for our customers by providing greater choice, savings and a generally improved travel experience.”


Expedia® Corporate Travel’s new car rental platform is currently available to customers in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Germany.