Austrian reveals record punctuality

Austrian Airlines has unveiled record figures for punctuality, making it the most punctual airline in Europe.Summarising the latest statistical report of the AEA (Association of European Airlines), Alfred ?-tsch, Chief Executive Officer of Austrian Airlines, said the following: ‘Our level of punctuality, which had already improved noticeably in 2006, increased further still in the first quarter of 2007, enabling us to achieve new record figures in arrival punctuality. In the first three months of this year, we were amongst the leading European airlines in the short- and medium-haul sector, taking third place amongst all AEA member airlines, as well as being the most punctual network airline of all. In the long-haul flight sector, we even succeeded in taking 1st place as the most punctual airline in Europe. This meant we were able to guarantee top quality flight handling of flights despite a difficult weather situation, limited air traffic control capacity and strikes at international airports, and carry our passengers punctually and safely to their destinations. In our position as a network carrier, having to take thousands of transfer passengers on hundreds of connecting flights into consideration every day, this is a top result.’

Punctuality better than European average
The arrival punctuality rate, especially important to transfer passengers, was 85.2% in the short-and medium-haul sector in 2006 - increasing to 87.2% in the first quarter of 2007. These figures put Austrian Airlines some way above the average punctuality rate for the member airlines of the AEA of 79.3%. Austrian Airlines has improved significantly compared to its European competitors, rising from 5th to 3rd place.

In the long-haul flight sector, the punctuality of arrival flights operated by Austrian Airlines still stood at 77.4% in 2006, and increased to 85.0% in the first three months of this year. This figure is also considerably better than the average for European airlines, which is 66.6%. Based on these results, Austrian Airlines also substantially improved its position by comparison with other European airlines, rising from 2nd to 1st place.

Further Increase in flight reliability
Austrian Airlines also succeeded in increasing its flight reliability figures in the first quarter of 2007. The company operated a total of 35,596 short- and medium-haul scheduled and charter flights in this period, or 99.4% of planned flights. As a result, Austrian Airlines is performing better than the AEA average of 98.1%. In the long-haul sector, the company operated a total of 2,002 flights, or 99.6% of planned flights.