China welcomes new search tool

An audience of more than 250 esteemed government and
tourism leaders from around the world and China gathered in Beijing’s Chinese Ethnic
Culture Park last week to celebrate the introduction of travel’s new search tool
— Aimed at promoting China’s magnificent depth of tourism assets, the new China
Directory is a progression of the online search tool the .travel Directory - a
virtual catalog of every travel product and service offered by .travel registrants
that provides travel professionals and consumers with an improved method to locate
travel information on the Internet with a degree of detail never before available.
The China travel portal currently offers information with more than 7,000
destinations and travel-related companies in China. Unveiled last week in Chinese, will soon be available to consumers and businesses around
the world in 11 different languages.

“At the new forefront of the travel and tourism industry, China provided the perfect
demonstration platform for the capabilities and effectiveness of the .travel
Directory as an advanced sales and marketing tool for the industry,” said Ron
Andruff, president of Tralliance. “Last week’s launch of
helped open the doors to a whole new world of online travel, providing travel
agents, operators, and consumers around the world with the means to easily locate
and identify legitimate China tour and service providers.”

While the overall utility of the .travel Directory will grow over the years to come
as it becomes populated with more and more travel and tourism entities, provides a cornerstone for the .travel virtual global
marketplace of travel and tourism destinations and is an important advancement for
the China tourism industry that will help increase the visibility of its amazing and
vast tourism assets.

“The .travel directory comes to China at an advantageous time. With the 2008 Beijing
Olympic Games nearing, China is focused on preparing for the millions of visitors
expected from around the world,” said Mr. Tang Hongguang, Director-General of the
Information Center of the China National Tourism Association (CNTA). “Currently, the
total number of trips taken domestically is up to 1.39 billion while 125 million
foreign travelers have entered China. will not only help
to further promote the country’s abundant tourism assets to the millions of
travelers China hosts annually, and the many more anticipated for the Olympic Games,
but provide greater access to travel information about China to consumers around the