Czech to unveil new tariff system

Starting in May, the tariff system used for the booking of flights on Czech Airlines (CSA) will become much easier to use. CSA has made its tariff system more transparent and the different tariffs and ticket types are now broken down into five separate categories, based on the options associated with the ticket. Under the existing system, passengers could book tickets in twenty different booking classes.

The most flexible business and economy class tickets, which offer options such as changing or cancelling the ticket at any time at no additional charge, will now be easily recognizable thanks to the new Business Premium or Economy Premium labels. The more restricted tickets - for example those in which changes or cancellations can only be done for an additional fee - will be labelled as Business and Economy. CSA will offer its discounted tickets under the Value Special designation.

“Our objective has been to make it easier for our passengers to understand and make use of the different ticket tariffs at Czech Airlines,” said Jan Ka?e, CSA’s Executive Director of Marketing. The carrier will effectively be offering five different tariff packages. The options within each package will always be the same. “Our existing basic booking classes will remain unchanged under the new system and CSA will continue to offer tickets at different pricing levels. Our planes will still be divided into Business and Economy class sections,” Ka?e explained.

Who are the different tariff packages designed for?

The business person that needs a flexible ticket with the option to reschedule the flight at any time and who also requires the highest standard of services on board, as well as before and after the flight, is a perfect example of a customer who would select a ticket in the category Business Premium.


The passenger that requires the highest standard of services offered, which is in CSA’s business class, but who has a fixed departure and arrival date and doesn’t require the option of changing or cancelling the ticket at no additional charge, might be better off purchasing a ticket in the category Business.

If the passenger is travelling for business or for pleasure and their departure or arrival times could change at the last minute, the passenger will need a flexible ticket, which can be changed or cancelled at any time. If the traveller does not want to spend the money on purchasing the highest priced tickets in business class and is satisfied with the standard service provided in our economy class, the best choice would be the category Economy Premium.

For passengers travelling on business or pleasure who plan their trip ahead of time, know that they will not need to change their departure or arrival times and are satisfied with the quality of our standard onboard services, the ideal choice is a ticket in the category Economy.

If the customer is looking for the best combination of high quality services offered by an established carrier providing a full range of onboard services and a low price, CSA has special ticket offers, which are sold under the category Value Special.