China Southern takes SITA platform

China Southern Airlines has announced the selection of SITA’s Integration Platform solution to develop
their e-ticketing strategy and to establish links to Travelsky GDS and partner
airlines.Jerry Hu, Chief Information Officer for China Southern Airlines, said, “We have
negotiated long and hard before making this decision. China Southern Airlines chose
SITA’s Integration Platform because it will help us to optimise our IT capacity
and support our goal of becoming Asia’s number one airline. A significant
advantage for us is that SITA has the widest network coverage with global GDS.”

China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd. carried 49.21 million passengers in 2006, with
revenue of 46.54 billion yuan (US$5.97 billion).  China Southern Airlines operated
259 modern Boeing 777, 747, 757, 737, and Airbus A330, 321, 320 and 300 jet
aircraft, on more than 600 domestic and international routes serving 142 cities
throughout China, Asia and the rest of the world.


Paul Dalton, SITA Regional Vice-President, said, “This is a significant milestone
for SITA as it is our first signed agreement with a Chinese carrier. It is also a
strong validation of our claim to have the market leading travel application. The
SITA Integration Platform is unique because it can interact with the complete range
of travel application protocols including airline reservations systems and GDSs as
well as new applications such as Internet and self-service interfaces.



“This IT solution is highly scalable and enables airlines to respond quickly to
changing needs. It can drive business transformation through the efficient
development of more sales channels and can impress passengers by providing services
such as frequent flyer and SMS notification up to three times faster.”