Tourism impact tops WTTC agenda

As the high level gathering of Travel &
Tourism leaders draws closer, the World Travel & Tourism Council has
reveaed the main topics that will be addressed at the Global Travel &
Tourism Summit, taking place in Lisbon in May.
WTTC’s global advertising campaign around climate change has stimulated
much debate. To read more visit www.globaltraveltourism/environment.

Whilst the environment is a key concern for the Travel & Tourism
industry and beyond, there are other key issues to address; chief among
these are the growth agenda and the impact that the industry has on

The Global Travel & Tourism Summit will create an open discussion forum
to go beyond to critically examine the nature of the industry’s impact
on individuals, communities and nations. Travel & Tourism leaders will
address whether the industry really does deliver on its promises or
whether it is stronger on rhetoric than on reality.

Infrastructure in most of the world’s major Travel & Tourism economies
is facing serious capacity challenges and functional constraints. It is
simply incapable of coping with accelerating global demand. A select
group of international government officials will explore how governments
are responding to the opportunities presented by Travel & Tourism
growth. Amongst the government leaders joining the debate will be the
Honourable Prime Minister of Namibia, Minister of Economy & Innovation
of Portugal, Minister of Tourism of Greece and Minister of Civil
Aviation of India.