SriLankan pushing engineering business

SriLankan Engineering is gaining ground in capturing market share for
providing aircraft maintenance services for other airlines.The airline recently began an extensive maintenance overhaul of an
Airbus A330-200 aircraft of Emirates Airline. This is the first of two
that are scheduled to undergo the ‘4C5Y Check’ back to back at
SriLankan’s hangars in Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport

In the past year, SriLankan Engineering also carried out maintenance
checks on an Airbus A320 of the Pakistani airline Airblue, and another
Emirates A330-200. This was in addition to providing all maintenance
checks on SriLankan’s own fleet of Airbus A340, A330, and A320 aircraft.


Captain Dick Hutton, Chief Technical Officer at SriLankan, said: “We
have now proven that our facilities and staff are more than capable of
carrying out aircraft maintenance in quick time. We are currently
working towards obtaining certification in the European standard EASA,
which would enable us to carry out maintenance work on aircraft of
European airlines.”



All commercial aircraft undergo maintenance checks at different
intervals, starting from brief spot checks after each flight. The 4C5Y
Check, which is carried out every five years, takes 3-4 weeks and
involves every aspect of the aircraft - airframe, avionics, engines,
cabins, and painting.


Ian Dunning, Senior Manager Aircraft Maintenance, said: “SriLankan
Airlines invested a significant sum on upgrading our engineering
facilities with the specific aim of serving other airlines. We intend to
increase our marketing efforts to raise awareness of our expertise among
prospective customer airlines.”


D.A.G. Jayasuriya, Senior Manager Aircraft Engineering, said: “Our staff
are especially skilled with all types of Airbus aircraft, as we have
been operating these types of aircraft for nearly two decades.”


The airline’s impressive standards in aircraft maintenance were
recognized by Airbus Industrie itself with the global award of “World’s
Most Efficient Operator of Airbus A330s” in the small fleet category.