ACTE plans top-level exec summit

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives has unveiled plans for an invitation-only program for the profession’s
highest levels, during its Munich conference, in October.According to
ACTE President Greeley Koch, the association’s new “European Executive
Travel Summit” will be structured more like a board meeting between the
top minds of the European travel management industry, government
ministries, commerce, and academia. The Summit is an expansion of ACTE’s
previous series of exclusive by- invitation-only roundtables with
international business leaders and will zero-in on key issues impacting
global business such as leadership, global competitiveness, managing
human capital, building sustainable partnerships, global risk and
security, and negotiations.

“This Summit will cater to travel managers with travel volumes,
experience, and responsibilities set by an exacting criteria. By the
nature of this criteria, the size of the group will tend to be rather
exclusive,” said Association President Greeley Koch. “The Summit will
reflect the confluence of governmental policy making, economic theory,
business expertise, and focused planning as interpreted by world and
business leadership—for the most influential minds in the European
business travel industry.”

The invitation process will recognize those ACTE members who have
continually set the “best practice” level for much of the industry, or
who traditionally conducted the panels and forum discussions for their
colleagues. While the program will be conducted as part of the ACTE
Conference in Munich, it will be separated from the general conference
proceedings and held on 22 October 2007. The proceedings will lay the
education foundation for the ACTE EMEA forum program for 2008.

“This has been a year for ACTE innovation in education,” said Koch. “We
developed the summit-within-the-conference program and deployed it for
Miami. ACTE announced the Global Hotel Think Tank and also launched the
Global Centre for Education and Research—the foundation to lighten
the burden of the supplier community. Today we’re moving forward with an
advanced program for the leaders of our industry. This has never been
done like this before.”