Barbados unveils Concorde attraction

With a multi-
media display which left top-flight guests in awe, the island’s latest
visitor attraction—the Barbados Concorde Experience has been officially
unveiled at a glamorous ceremony.Delivering the feature address, Minister of Tourism and International
Transport, Noel Lynch, announced that the new facility would help to
accelerate Barbados’ tourism industry to even higher heights.

Addressing over 350 guests at Spencer’s Plantation, Christ Church, the
Minister also stated that the Concorde Visitor Experience would help the
island to soar above other destinations.

He explained: “Today’s event gives Barbados a stronger branding image
which is closely associated with excellence and luxury. The Concorde
in-flight attraction would help to place Barbados in a league of its own
and ensure the sustainability of its tourism industry.”

Retired Concorde captain, Mike Bannister—who flew in especially for
the event, described the exhibit as being the most ‘impressive in the

“The most memorable experiences of piloting Concorde which will always
be flying in [uniform] with the Red Arrows over Buckingham Palace to
salute the Queen; secondly was flying to Barbados for the very first
time; and thirdly, flying the aircraft back ‘home’ to Barbados for the
final time in 2003,” said Bannister—the youngest pilot to fly the
supersonic jet.


The $3.5 million facility, managed by Goddards Shipping Tours Ltd. has
an interactive flight school, a departure lounge, an observation deck,
and an in- flight experience multi media presentation.