Orbitz in green focus

Orbitz has been working to make envioronmental concerns a year-round priority, committing to help Protect Planet Earth from the
inside-out. This innovative approach has been driven by employees’ passion
for major internal recycling and energy-saving efforts. The program has now
grown into the launch of a pervasive corporate citizenship initiative to
raise environmental awareness, beginning with the announcement of
company-sponsored “voluntourism” vacations and now extending to offer
travelers eco-friendly opportunities to make a difference of their own.
  A recent Orbitz survey* found that more than half of Americans feel the
U.S. tourist industry is lagging when it comes to being “eco-friendly.”
  This reconfirmed the Orbitz Worldwide efforts already under way, in
offices from Chicago to Sydney to London, to curb its own environmental
impact, and the development, from the inside-out of eco-friendly travel
tools and environmentally-focused content on-site.
  “Today, Orbitz invites travelers to join our own employees around the
world in making a difference when you travel,” said Steve Barnhart, CEO and
president of Orbitz Worldwide, a division of Travelport Ltd
(http://www.travelport.com). “Orbitz Worldwide is committed to being a vocal
proponent within the travel community, working to offset the impact our
industry has on the environment, so we’re enthusiastic about our
partnership with a highly respected organization like CarbonFund.org and
the launch of Version 1.0 of our eco-microsite.”
  The first stage of the Orbitz eco-travel microsite is a comprehensive
resource for travelers who want to find everything from eco-friendly hotels
to environmental volunteer opportunities. Travelers who visit the Orbitz
eco- travel microsite (http://eco.orbitz.com), will have access to the
following information and tools: