Body Mind Spirit Journeys engage in travel portal

Body Mind Spirit Journeys is the first travel company to market and offer their services on eVital Communications’ new, interactive online portal for travel. Body Mind Spirit Journeys, , will market their various themed tours of global destinations on the travel portal. eVital Communications, , is an Internet media company that already delivers entertainment and educational video-on-demand to targeted niche audiences of any size via eVital’s own Internet Television (ipTV) network. By using eVital’s portal for travel, Body Mind Spirit Journeys will provide individuals with a more engaging, interactive viewing and booking experience than ever before.

Body Mind Spirit Journeys will have their own channel on the travel portal. The channel will include tours to the various destinations the company offers such as Egypt, Sedona and Peru. Viewers will be able to watch and look at vibrant, enticing videos, graphics of specific tours, as well as read detailed information about the tours and comments from potential consumers and travelers. With each program on the channel, individuals also have booking capabilities at their fingertips, thus increasing the chance of following through with the purchase of the trip.

“We are delighted to be joining the eVital travel team,” said Raymond M. Cortell, president of Body Mind Spirit Journeys. “Without a doubt, the pressures and stress levels of everyday life have escalated in our culture and created a new breed of vacation. The Body Mind Spirit Journeys holidays allow one to find a sense of balance in the midst of the craziness of life. The Body Mind Spirit Wellness travel program is designed to provide vacations for those who wish to “experience” a destination, not just “visit” it. We know that through eVital, we will be reaching this new traveling public.”

Along with information about the tours presented through stimulating video and graphics as well as booking capabilities, each program on the Body Mind Spirit Journeys channel also provides viewers with social networking features through customer reviews and feedback they can give about the destinations they watch, blogs, message boards and alumni videos in which they can upload videos of their experiences at that destination.