Adler Thermae Spa launches special offers

Adler Thermae Spa and Wellness Resort in Orcia Valley, the heart of Tuscany, announces five new offers…Five reasons to take time from your everyday life and indulge in a unique experience that cannot be found any other place in the world. For centuries, the Etruscans, the Romans and the Italian nobility have traveled to this region in Italy to take the waters, enjoy the delicious wines and food products and breathe in the soft clean air of the beautiful countryside. Adler Thermae now invites you to do the same and discover all the unique revitalizing Tuscan treasures.

Beauty & Vitality Breaks

25 November - 20 December 2007

When the temperature drops outside, bathing in a nice warm thermal water is a moment of pure regeneration. Take advantage of this time of the year to focus on your look and well being. During the period of the special offer, you will receive one Spa voucher worth 50 Euro per person.

(Applies to one-week stays and midweek “Short stays” from Sunday to Thursday.)

ADLER MED - Special Vital-Aging Weeks

18 November - 25 November 2007

Feeling young at all ages! A first step to vitality, energy and longevity with Vital-Ageing! During the period of the offer you will receive a 20% reduction on one of the specific Vital-Aging programs (“Relax Anti-Ageing”, “Detox Anti-Ageing” and “Tonic Anti-Ageing”) including an accurate medical check-up and individual treatments. (Applies to weekly stays only.)

Special “Yoga & Orient”

02 December - 23 December 2007

Find physical and spiritual balance through Yoga and other oriental meditation techniques. A special classes program with Yoga, Thai Chi, Pilates, Zen Streching and much more awaits you. Participation in all classes are free of charge.

Tuscan “Walk & Enjoy”

04 November - 02 December 2007

Enjoy the wonderful natural scenery of Tuscany with a program of daily guided walks (except Sundays) and taste the region’s culinary delights! You will also receive one Spa voucher worth 25 Euro per person.

Applies weekly and for short stays, Sunday to Thursday


Families Specials Weeks

25 November - 06 December 2007

09 December - 20 December 2007

No charge for accommodation for children up to the age of 6, and only 35 Euro per day for children aged 6 to 15 with the children sleeping in the parents room (2 full price adults).
Rates are 1057 Euros for 7 night stay and 533 Euros for short stay packages (Thursday to Sunday and Sunday to Thursday) on dates specified. Rates include half-board per person, inclusive taxes and access to ADLER AQUAE, World of Thermal Waters, to ADLER FIT, the World of Fitness, and participation to our sport- and fitness program.
Adler Thermae is located 15 minutes from Pienza and Montelpuciano. It was created by the Sanoner family who opened their first resort in the Dolomites in the1800s and is recognized as a pioneer in the wellness industry. Adler Thermae is the result of a careful merging of the traditional thermal spa and the modern fitness resort. Its concept is based on enjoying good health, good food and service and exploring treatments, and fitness in a natural and remarkably beautiful environment.