Virgin America not planning Atlantic flights

Virgin America has corrected erroneous news reports that indicated the U.S. start-up airline is planning trans-Atlantic service. Still pending final government approval, Virgin America plans to launch U.S. domestic service this summer.

“Our focus is to bring more travel choices and fare competition to U.S. travelers, beginning with flights between San Francisco and New York,” said Virgin America spokesman Gareth Edmondson-Jones, “and then to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Washington, DC.”

Virgin America’s onboard cabin will include mood lighting and a digital inflight entertainment system providing on-demand movies and TV, games, music and online chat rooms—and even self-service mini-bars for snacks and beverages available throughout the flight.

In first class, customers can experience massage chairs with 55 inches of seat pitch (legroom). But even with these innovations and luxuries, Virgin America will offer low fares.

The airline plans to serve up to 30 U.S. cities within five years of operation.


Malev opens route to the Urals

From Summer 2007 Malev Hungarian Airlines will open a new connection to Yekaterinburg in Russia. The state-of-the-art Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft will fly four times a week to the industrial heartland of the Urals.

Budapest departures and arrivals have been closely planned to tie in with connections from West Europe to guarantee a quick and easy transfer.

The new Malev flight, which launches 27 April, represents an important link between Europe and Russia as the airline strengthens its presence on the Eastern European market.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays business customers and tourists can travel in style and comfort from Malev’s multiple destinations in Western Europe to the heart of Central Europe and then onward to Yekaterinburg.

The Hungary-Russia leg takes under 4 hours. Departure times offered by Malev - afternoons and late evenings - are far more convenient for travellers than those provided by competing airlines on the route.

Yekaterinburg - sitting on the edge of the West Siberian Plain - is one of Russia’s key rail hubs, with seven main lines departing from the central railway station to major cities in the region (Perm, Chelyabinsk, Tyumeny).