Amtrak launches community website

Amtrak has launched a new website for travelers to share their train travel experiences. Christened Whistle Stop, the site, found at, includes feature stories on Amtrak routes with photos taken from the train along those routes.

The first three feature stories on Whistle Stop focus on three of Amtrak’s most popular long-distance routes: the Adirondack (Montreal - New York), the Empire Builder (Chicago - Portland/Seattle) and the Southwest Chief (Chicago - Los Angeles). These features are first-person travelogues by professional writers that provide readers with detailed descriptions of what passengers may experience when traveling on these trains. The first-hand accounts of life on board include descriptions of the sights to be seen from the train as well as activities on board the train.

For those wishing to share their own stories of rail travel, the Rider Memories section allows users to post their own accounts of adventures on the rails with the ability to also attach pictures. The best stories submitted will be posted on the Whistle Stop site for others to read.

“This new site provides customers an opportunity to communicate with Amtrak, sharing not only their travel stories, but also suggestions for types of content they find useful and interesting,” said Kathleen Gordon, Amtrak’s Senior Director, E-Commerce. “This will allow us to see the Amtrak experience from the customer’s perspective.”

The Whistle Stop site will also include articles that highlight Amtrak’s environmental initiatives, demonstrating Amtrak’s efforts to protect the environment and the positive impact of train travel.


Other tidbits and trivia will also be included, and future plans call for the development of travel tips, activities for family travel and expanded destination information. New ideas for the site will be welcomed, allowing the site to grow and evolve based primarily on input from users.