Biz travellers feel safe despite terrorism

Research released by Barclaycard Business reveals that, despite increased terrorist threats, an overwhelming 96 per cent of business travellers stated they felt ‘safe’ or ‘mostly safe’ when travelling on business. Although these threats have increased in recent years over two thirds (67 per cent) feel as safe as or safer than they did 10 years ago.

The research comes from the 11th Barclaycard Business Travel Survey.  The survey questioned more than 4,000 business travellers across the United Kingdom and builds a comprehensive picture of the country’s business traveller, gauging views on business travel and travel behaviour.

The survey found that only one per cent of business travellers did not feel safe while travelling.  Of this one per cent, a third (34 per cent) said that they felt unsafe because of the threat posed by other travellers and only three per cent cited terrorism as the source of their concerns.

Denise Leleux, Director of Commercial Cards at Barclaycard Business, commented:

“It is reassuring to the travel industry that the vast majority of business travellers feel safe while on business travel.  It is clear that steps taken in recent years such as increased security checks at airports, higher safety standards on trains and a shift in attitudes towards safer driving, have all helped make the business traveller feel more secure whilst on the move.”


The survey also found that business travellers are increasingly paying attention to their personal security.  Over a third (38 per cent) of business travellers are concerned about their personal security whilst travelling.  Of these concerned travellers, over half (59 per cent) take measures to protect themselves.     

Denise Leleux added:
“In recent years business travellers have become more aware of their own security.  All business travellers have a responsibility to themselves and fellow travellers to take sensible steps to ensure they are safe whilst on business trips. Whether it is vigilance over luggage or taking out insurance, increased personal security among travellers leads to safer and hassle-free trips.”