AA and union reveal joint ad campaign

American Airlines
and the Transport Workers Union, have unveiled a new print advertising campaign that
focuses on the airline’s ability to transform itself into a world-class
aircraft maintenance provider.In addition to the $100 million investment in the American Airlines
Maintenance Services group approved in late March by the AMR Board of
Directors, American is investing further with advertising targeted at
potential customers. The ad campaign, which breaks today, is part of
American’s ongoing efforts to generate awareness of, and build, its
contract maintenance business.
  The campaign underscores American’s commitment to its Maintenance,
Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business and its effort to achieve the right
balance between investment in this business and the need for continued
financial improvement, both in terms of revenue growth and cost reduction.
  “We are changing the way we are doing business, not only for our
external customers, but in how we work with our employees and union
partners,” said Bob Reding, American’s Senior Vice President - Technical
Operations. “The only way this transformation will succeed is by engaging
and taking advantage of the experience, knowledge and ingenuity of our
talented workforce. This is why this ad campaign will focus on our
front-line M&E employees—they are the reason for our current and future
success as a leading MRO provider.”
  The initial advertisement will appear in newspapers in markets such as
Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Tulsa, Okla., and other U.S. cities. The ad
will appear in leading aircraft and aviation trade magazines throughout the
summer. The ad features an aircraft maintenance technician working in
day-to-day activities and reiterates that by streamlining costs and
improving efficiencies, American is able to offer customers a one-stop shop
for all their maintenance requirements.
  “American’s vision is to become the premier North American MRO
provider, and this ad campaign captures the main reason this is possible—
the dedication and hard work of TWU members,” said John M. Conley,
International Representative and AA System Coordinator, TWU. “We decided
early on to minimize uncertainty, and together recognized that our future
would be far more predictable by continuing down that path. When you look
at our achievements and the reputation we have built, we are well on our
way to becoming a world-class MRO.”