New appointment for Trisept Solutions

Trisept Solutions has named Deborah Sova head of user
experience research. Sova will continue to grow Trisept Solutions’ usability
program to understand the end-user and build their needs into all of Trisept
Solutions’ products.

Trisept Solutions is committed to delivering the highest quality experience
on its travel websites and solutions. Under Sova’s leadership, the usability
team will evaluate web products to ensure they are intuitive,
easy-to-navigate, and fully functional before public release.

“Our customers want a more efficient, streamlined booking engine. That’s why
we incorporate usability into all aspects of our product development,” said
John Ische, president and CEO of Trisept Solutions. “A seasoned veteran,
Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge to the already successful usability
function at Trisept Solutions. The end result is products and services that
our customers find efficient and intuitive.”

“Trisept Solutions is an industry leader because everything they do revolves
around their customers’ needs,” said Sova. “As an advocate of the customer,
I look forward to working with a team that understands that working with
customers and incorporating their feedback in a thoughtful, usable way are
essential steps in the design process.”

Trisept Solutions is the global leader in leisure travel distribution
technology, providing a full spectrum of electronic distribution products,
IT solutions, and eMarketing services. It provides airlines, hoteliers, and
tour operators with vacation travel technology to dynamically package,
market, and sell vacations via a variety of distribution channels. 


VAX VacationAccess, Trisept Solutions’ travel agency web portal for
vacations, is used by more than 50,000 travel agents nationwide to market,
sell, book, and manage vacations, cruises, air and other travel components.
Considered the “Travel Pro’s Best Friend,” VAX VacationAccess has one of the
most powerful booking engines available and provides hundreds of timesaving
reservation management tools and exceptional sales, marketing and
educational features.

Sova has more than 15 years of experience evaluating software and website
usability. Having worked in a variety of industries including technology,
software, medical, and insurance; Sova is an expert at usability principles
and best practices.