SeeSaw inks JetSet deal

SeeSaw Networks has announced JetSet Media has become one of SeeSaw’s digital-signage network affiliates. JetSet Media specializes in reaching the ultra wealthy, placing digital screens inside private aviation terminals that provide service to celebrities, athletes, corporate executives, private business-owners and wealthy individuals.

This hard-to-reach group of high-net-worth individuals is growing at an annual rate of 8 percent, according to the 2006 Cap Gemini/Merrill Lynch World Wealth Report. “Marketers looking to increase their brand awareness among this elite audience need to reassess their media plans,” said Laura Davis, digital media consultant to retailers. “Reaching this affluent demographic group between destinations in comfortable private airport settings is a great way for marketers to influence high-end purchases.”

For this well-traveled group, JetSet presents eye-catching digital media in 57 exclusive and luxurious private hangars throughout the U.S. and across 10,000 domestic and international flights daily, reaching 1.5 million viewers monthly.

“JetSet Media is a tremendous addition to our growing network, as it reaches a highly valued audience in a captive and engaging environment,” said Peter Bowen, chief executive officer of SeeSaw Networks. “ allows media agencies to easily plan a customized advertising campaign across our network of affiliates to reach the ultra wealthy with precise, high-impact messages for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.”

JetSet reaches people with a net worth of $10 million or more, who have an investment portfolio of $6 million, spend more than $75,000 annually on luxury goods, and own an average of 2.5 homes, making JetSet ideally suited for advertisers such as financial-services providers, real-estate companies and luxury-goods manufacturers, as well as business-to-business advertisers.


“Corporate-owned jets have doubled over the past three years due to favorable tax benefits, so private jet travel is expected to keep climbing,” said George Kauffman, chief executive officer of JetSet Media. “Reaching private air travelers during what is classically considered downtime is a great way to advertise. Digital signs provide the busy traveler with key information such as weather and stock results, while providing compelling brand messages in a comfortable environment.”

SeeSaw’s access to high-net-worth individuals will continue to grow as the company expands its reach among select demographic groups and geographical areas. Already, SeeSaw offers more than 20 million weekly impressions - on par with the top prime-time TV programs. SeeSaw has plans to achieve 100 million weekly impressions, giving advertisers an ever-increasing opportunity to reach people where they are.