United launches multilingual website

Translations.com, a world leader in language and technology solutions, has been engaged by United Airlines to support the launch of http://www.cn.united.com .The project involves the translation and adaptation of branded content for one of the Asia’s key target markets.

Operating more than 3,700 flights each day to over 152 countries worldwide, it is essential for United Airlines to be able to effectively communicate with customers across a wide array of markets. China is one of the world’s fasted growing markets for air travel. Seeing the opportunity to enhance and expand brand visibility in this important market was a major driver behind United’s decision to deploy a fully localized Chinese website.

“Working with Translations.com, we’ve improved United’s Chinese language website, enabling us to better serve customers and to promote our business more effectively and efficiently,” said Sandy Gantt, Managing Director of e-Commerce at United Airlines.

Phil Shawe, President and CEO of Translations.com stated, ” United Airlines has long been recognized as one of the strongest brands in the industry and Translations.com is proud to have been chosen to assist United in managing this critical customer-facing initiative. The new Chinese site will create an engaging way for Chinese-speaking customers to interface with United over web.”