Bus travel gets technology boost

Bus passengers can now get to destinations faster and book while the bus is en route thanks to new technology introduced by nakedbus.com.

Nakedbus.com drivers will have a java enabled phone with an application we have developed called “eWaybill”. As bookings are received, the booking system will transmit bookings in real time to the application on the phone. The phone will alert the driver if a new booking comes in and the driver will know to stop at that stop.

According to nakedbus.coms Managing Director Hamish Nuttall, the main aim of the new technology is to make the service more efficient for drivers and their passenge, since no time will be wasted pulling over at empty bus stops.

The driver will have the booking reference of each passenger on the phone, and will be able to mark each passenger as having boarded - this information will be transmitted to the back office so the office will know whether passengers have been picked up.

“eWaybill” will mean that those passengers leaving bookings until the last minute will also have greater flexibility.