ATA chief blames traffic control for errors

The Air Transport Association has issued a statement regarding the highly critical Wichita State 2007 Airline Quality Rating study. AQR researchers note that overall industry performance in three of the four AQR criteria was worse in 2006. But ATA responded:

“The 2007 Airline Quality Rating study once again focuses on the
symptoms rather than the root causes of passenger and airline
frustrations,” said ATA President and CEO James C. May. “The vast
majority of customer service issues arise from weather and congestion
flight delays that lead to misconnected flights, lost luggage and
related complaints.” May continued, “These delays are inextricably
linked with the government’s outdated and inefficient air traffic
control system.”

        May added, “2007, however, offers Congress a historic
opportunity to address the cause of the frustrations with the
reauthorization of the Airport and Airway Trust Fund under
consideration. The time is right for Congress to approve an action plan
for the Next Generation Air Traffic Control system and put in place a
mechanism to approve fair and appropriate funding, while ending the
multiple billion dollar subsidy of business jets at the expense of
commercial airline passengers.”