Caribbean Airlines signs on Sabre

Caribbean Airlines has signed an agreement with
Sabre Airline Solutions to provide a new
system for its maintenance, repair and overhaul applications and to
have that system delivered via Sabre eMergo Web access.

  Caribbean chose the Ramco MRO System, because of “its time to
market, product superiority, hosting and the fact that Sabre Airline
Solutions will be a single vendor for all our operations and MRO
solutions,” said Captain Ian Brunton, executive vice president of
operations for Caribbean, the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago.

  Caribbean Airlines’ predecessor, BWIA, had been using the Sabre
Maxi-Merlin maintenance, engineering and inventory system for the last
24 years. It opted to use the Ramco system from Sabre Airline
Solutions as the long-awaited upgrade to the Maxi-Merlin system. Sabre
Airline Solutions has more than 40 license holders on the Maxi-Merlin
system and is offering those customers the Ramco solution as the
modern upgrade. Sabre Airline Solutions supports a full guarantee that
the Ramco system fully replaces the Maxi-Merlin tool, regardless of
customer version.

  “After 24 years on the Maxi-Merlin system, we recognized
immediately that combining Sabre Airline Solutions’ proven track
record with the Ramco system’s extra functionality would be a winning
system for us,” Brunton said. “In addition, the eMergo delivery
process ensured we would be up and running right away, which was vital
to us. It supports our quest to be self-sustaining and a profit center
in our MRO operations.”

  The Ramco system will help Caribbean Airlines reduce operation and
overhead costs while optimizing inventory, increasing operational
performance and aircraft availability, and improving overall business
process efficiency. It gives Caribbean a maintenance, repair and
overhaul application that is all-encompassing and easy to use. By
having the system delivered over the Internet and remotely accessed
through the eMergo Web access environment, Caribbean will be able to
obtain these benefits more rapidly than with a local installation.


  “Our alliance with Ramco is growing stronger all the time,” said
Sabre Airline Solutions product vice president Mike Douglass, “We are
now engaged with them on every kind of delivery model possible: local
access, local install and, now with Caribbean, ASP. It proves that we
are in the right space at the right time with the right partner.”

  “Caribbean is the first Maxi-Merlin system customer to migrate to
the Ramco system,” Douglass added. “We have around 40 current
Maxi-Merlin system users today, and they can now use Caribbean’s
experience with the new system to evaluate their future needs.”

  Douglass also said Sabre Airline Solutions “will be providing an
integrated operations solution with the Sabre Flite Control Suite for
Caribbean and that supports our ‘market, sell, serve, operate’

  Even though Caribbean Airlines has been in operation only since
Jan. 1, its origins are pre-World War II. BWIA was established on Nov.
27, 1940, flying between Trinidad and Barbados and grew to become the
largest airline operating out of the Caribbean with hubs on the
islands of Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados and in Guyana.

  “The officials at Caribbean, an icon in the southern Caribbean,
possess excellent airline knowledge—they really know their
business,” said Jim Fitzgerald, global executive vice president of
Ramco MRO. “In order for us to earn their trust, we had to be able to
incorporate their intelligence into our solution.”

  Caribbean currently flies out of Port of Spain’s Piarco
International Airport to Miami, New York, Toronto and the Caribbean