VacationStudio launches for agents

Sabre Travel Network is launching VacationStudio
powered by MySabre, a comprehensive leisure travel site that will
allow travel professionals in North America, including agents that
do not currently utilize the Sabre GDS, to shop and book vacation
packages and cruises. VacationStudio, the latest addition to Sabre’s
end-to-end leisure collection, provides convenient access to a broad
range of commissionable leisure travel products through such solutions
as Sabre Cruises, TripTailor, Agent59 and more.

  “VacationStudio gives travel professionals easy access to more of
the popular tools, suppliers and products they need to book customized
vacations for their clients, “said Dan Westbrook, vice president of
travel merchandising, Sabre Travel Network. “With VacationStudio any
agent, including home-based agents, can book commissionable vacation
packages from any of the 13 cruise lines and more than 40 tour
operators, as well as create their own packages dynamically using
TripTailor. All of this can be accomplished through one streamlined,
comprehensive travel site.”

  Registration for VacationStudio is free and no contract is
required. Agencies that are not currently Sabre Connected can follow
an easy registration process at to establish
secure access to the industry’s leading leisure travel suppliers.
Current Sabre Connected customers automatically have access to the
site within MySabre under the tab titled VacationStudio.

  Powered by MySabre and available to all travel professionals in
the U.S. and Canada, VacationStudio provides agents the ability to
access to shop and book vacations using Sabre Cruises, TripTailor,
Agent59, Sabre Vacations and Sabre Travel Extras. Sabre Travel
Protection is also available to travel professionals through Vacation
Studio. Sabre Connected agents can also utilize Sabre Virtually There
to send itineraries, travel information and ticket receipts via e-mail
to their customers.

  While VacationStudio is available to all travel professionals in
North America, Sabre Connected agents will continue to receive
exclusive benefits from Sabre. “Our Sabre Connected travel agents will
continue to receive exclusive benefits including leading airline and
hotel content, advanced shopping and pricing tools, intelligent
notification of special promotions and package offers right from the
air booking screen, vacation reservation merge back features and
more,” said Westbrook. “VacationStudio will enable them to further
streamline their shopping and booking process, allowing them to book
more travel, and in turn, make more money.”


  VacationStudio also includes special supplier promotions, easy
site navigation, sticky notes for agent memos, an agent toolkit, and a
streamlined support system.

  “As we talked to travel professionals, it was clear they have two
key objectives - maximize their income and reduce the amount of time
required to book travel,” said Westbrook. “Sabre’s VacationStudio
accomplishes both of those goals by providing a streamlined,
comprehensive booking tool that provides access to commissionable,
leisure travel products.”

  VacationStudio also provides extensive support and training
resources for leisure agents. Online training courses are free and
include self-paced training tutorials, agent communities and a library
of reference materials on topics ranging from booking cruises to
creating custom vacation packages through VacationStudio. Additionally
agents receive toll-free support for assistance in using the booking