Utell segments hotel portfolio

Utell Hotels & Resorts has launched a segmentation strategy for its portfolio of 3,600
hotels in more than 130 countries worldwide.  The new approach is designed
to drive revenue for member hotels by attracting customers and business from
travel agents through Utell Collections and Utell Niche Brands.

Utell Hotels & Resorts Collections and Niche Brands provides hotels with
valuable sales, marketing and distribution support to drive customers to
member hotels by focusing on the type of customer experience each offers.
This new segmentation strategy allows participating Utell member hotels to
be targeted directly to the consumer for the first time. Travel agents also
benefit from the comprehensive and streamlined products, making for easier
identification and sale of appropriate hotels to the right customer.

Utell Collections is designed to promote hotels around the world that offer
similar services and activities and the first Collections introduced are
Utell Golf and Utell Spa. Utell Golf features properties that can organize
and manage golfing needs of guests and the hotels are either on or adjacent
to a golf course or have preferential agreements with nearby courses. Utell
Spa includes properties that provide extensive spa and wellness facilities
onsite. Additional upcoming Collections portfolios include Utell Beach,
Utell Meetings and Utell Business.

Member hotels can also join Utell’s new Niche Brands - Luxury and Boutique -
which actively promote hotels offering similar levels of quality, products
and services to specific audiences, allowing the customer to find the hotel
that meets their requirements. Utell Niche Brands will eventually feature
Superior, Value and All-Suites categories as well.

“The introduction of Utell Collections and Niche Brands improves and defines
our member hotel offerings, allowing consumers and travel agents to select
properties more easily based on preference and need,” said Peter Fitzgerald,
president of Utell Hotels & Resorts. “The Utell portfolio of hotels rivals
the largest brands, and our ability to segment and market amenities will
further help our member hotels compete for that all-important customer.”


The Collections portfolio will be promoted to specific target markets, and
both Utell Collections and Utell Niche Brands will also have consumer facing
Web sites (www.utellspa.com, www.utellgolf.com, etc.), maximizing Pegasus’
expertise and online reach in Web and distribution technology. Members can
also benefit from printed directories, electronic marketing to targeted
hotel customers, active media engagement through public relations and
advertising, e-mail database brand and promotional marketing, and
partnerships with signature Web sites relevant to each program.

“These are exciting times for Utell Hotels & Resorts,” said Fitzgerald.
“With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, we believe we are
best placed to re-shape the market through strategies such as segmentation
for the benefit of both hotels and consumers.”

The launch of Utell’s Spa and Golf Collections, and Luxury and Boutique
Niche Brands was met with immediate signings from several hotels including
Rotana Hotels, Warwick Hotels, the Colombus Hotel in Monte Carlo and the
Imperial Hotel in Osaka.

Click here to view exclusive video interview with Peter Fitzgerald at ITB Berlin 2007.