Frontier pioneers cashless cabins

Frontier Airlines has announced its transition to “Cashless Cabins” on its
mainline aircraft.In-flight products, namely
DIRECTV, pay-per-view movies and alcoholic beverages, are now exclusively
available for purchase using credit or debit cards instead of cash. The new
service will eliminate the need for correct change and is expected to
expedite the in-flight service process.
  To accept and track purchases, Frontier’s flight attendants will carry
a state-of-the-art personal digital assistant (PDA) equipped with a card
reader. Using this new technology and eliminating the complications that
come with cash transactions will allow Frontier’s flight attendants to get
passengers watching TV with beverages in hand quicker than ever before.
  “This is one of several enhancements we intended to make in the coming
months to improve what is already hailed by some as the best service in the
industry,” said Chris Collins, Senior Vice President of Operations. “Our
customers have said that they value the efficiency and speed that credit
card transactions allow and beginning April 1, we are proud to say that we
can now offer that option for purchasing drinks on board our aircraft.”