Jazeera Airways lands in Salalah

Jazeera Airways, the Middle East’s only private airline, celebrated the opening of its Dubai-Salalah route today in a press event held on Hilton Salalah’s white sandy beach and in partnership with Salalah’s Department of Tourism. Salalah is a quiet resort town situated south of Oman and is home to the best beaches, diving sites, off-road activities and fishing in the Gulf.

The city is also home to some of the oldest historical sites in the world and has an equally unique terrain of beautiful sandy beaches, awe-inspiring deserts, and magnificent mountain ranges; all minutes away from each other.

Jazeera Airways, the only international airline in the Middle East that is neither owned nor subsidized by any government, will now fly to the city three times a week and non-stop from Dubai.

Upon arriving in Salahah, Chairman and CEO Marwan Boodai said, ‘Salalah is the Gulf’s secret resort town that many have heard about and few have visited. Those who have fall in love it for its tranquility, outdoor activities, and that it only takes 90 minutes to fly to from Dubai on board our new fleet of Airbus A320s.’

Boodai said:


‘We are flying to Salalah because we believe in its potential. It is a beautiful city with great people and the decision to fly to Salalah came form our belief that it will soon become one of the top resort destinations in the Middle East. The government of Oman, through its tourism authority, is actively promoting the city and we are glad to join their efforts into making it the weekend getaway for families in the Middle East.’

‘Investing in promising cities and stimulating traffic to those very cities is a strategy that we have adopted from our humble beginnings a year and a half ago. It is a strategy that paid dividends so far as we have stimulated traffic to over a dozen cities, such as Alexandria and Luxor, where we stimulated traffic by 194% and 77% respectively,’ added Boodai.

Jazeera Airways’ flight was welcomed with a warm reception that included over 30 Omani government officials, Members of Parliament and heads of local business.