iBAHN unveils wireless voice service

iBAHN has unveiled a Voice over Wireless
LAN (VoWLAN) service for the European hotel industry that will support a
range of back-office voice applications across its existing data

iBAHN’s VoWLAN service responds to the rapidly growing customer demand
for wireless voice applications, owing to the availability of
higher-speed wireless services such as 801.11g, the emergence of Quality
of Service for wireless networks, and the trend towards more affordable
Wi-Fi voice handsets.

iBAHN has been installing wireless LAN (WLAN) networks in the public
areas and guestrooms of hotels for a number of years. Its new VoWLAN
service will be particularly attractive to both new and existing
hotelier customers, as it will enable both voice and data applications
to run simultaneously across a singe wireless network. iBAHN customers
who opt for the VoWLAN service as an alternative to the standard DECT
network will only have one wireless network to maintain, instead of the
traditional two separate networks.

Hoteliers will be free to use their existing voice partner to implement
the VoWLAN application that is best suited to their property. iBAHN will
work with the voice partner to design and implement the required
wireless architecture to support the VoWLAN application. In addition,
hotel customer will have the option of interconnecting their sites
across iBAHN’s backbone network to allow for inter-site voice
communication, without incurring normal voice charges.

Graeme Powell, MD EMEA of iBAHN, comments: “Over recent months, our
customers have been telling us that they would like their WLAN networks
to support voice applications. The optimum solution was to use our
existing wireless network for both data and voice services. We have high
hopes for take-up, as the service not only reduces installation costs
for hoteliers, but also enables them to offer a wider portfolio of
connectivity services to their guests.”