UK teams celebrate joining oneworld

The UK teams of Japan Airlines and Malév Hungarian Airlines have joined together in Stanfords map and travel bookshop in London to celebrate the addition of the two airlines to oneworld.Also boarding the alliance on the same day is Royal Jordanian plus joining as affiliates, will be five other members of the JAL Group - JALways, Japan Asia Airways, JAL Express, J-AIR and Japan Transocean Air - plus LAN Argentina and LAN Ecuador.  Dragonair will be added later this year.

These overall changes in membership will expand the size of the alliance substantially, to:
? Almost 700 airports, around a hundred more than now.
? Nearly 150 countries.
? 9,000 daily departures, a thousand more than today.
? Around 315 million passengers, 65 million more than at present.
? 265,000 employees.
? Almost 2,500 aircraft.
? US$85 billion revenues, up by a third.

The alliance’s new recruits will increase its network substantially in some of regions worldwide where demand for air travel is growing fastest.