ACTE, BA expand carbon neutral initiative

The global warming effects of more than 700 tonnes of carbon dioxide have been neutralised as a result of a pioneering partnership between the Association of Corporate Travel Executives’ (ACTE) and British Airways.

The companies announced today that the organisation of last October’s ACTE global education conference in Barcelona on a carbon-neutral basis had helped fund a biofuel energy project in southern India.

The partners now plan to extend this initiative - a first in the business travel world - to ACTE’s forthcoming conferences in Miami (6-8 May 2007) and Munich (21-23 October 2007).

The total emissions from the Barcelona conference were 732 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

British Airways sponsored an offset that will achieve an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels with renewable biofuels in the State of Karnataka in India.  The biofuels are produced locally and the project helps village communities increase self-sufficiency by decreasing their reliance on petroleum products.  The offset was purchased and implemented through the Climate Warehouse.


The offset covered the emissions generated by all essential delegate travel to and from the conference along with emissions generated through the conference venue and accommodation.

ACTE worked to minimise ground emissions by changing conference working practices, such as reducing paper usage and using the CCIB in Barcelona - a highly energy efficient space.

British Airways is committed to limiting the impact of its operations on global warming wherever possible. Richard Tams, British Airways’ General Manager for Global Corporate Sales, said:

“British Airways takes its environmental responsibilities extremely seriously.  Carbon offsetting is an excellent way for individuals to demonstrate their own concern about the environment.  We are delighted to have participated in this group offset with ACTE and hope that this will be the first of many such ventures in the business travel sector.” 

ACTE is the first major business travel trade association to enter into an agreement with organisations (CarbonNeutral and the Climate Trust) offering tools and programmes to measure and reduce carbon emissions.  Susan Gurley, ACTE Executive Director, said:

“We are very pleased to have worked alongside British Airways to reduce carbon emissions for the Barcelona conference and we hope that this will set a precedent for others to follow ACTE’s lead and work to decrease CO2 emissions in all their activities.”