Comtec rolls out mobile services

Comtec has launched a range of mobile information services for travellers, in partnership with communications solutions provider 2ergo.

The new service, to be known as TravelCat Messaging, will enable travel agents to automatically generate a comprehensive range of booking-related information direct to traveller’s personal mobile devices.

Comtec says the information transmitted typically already resides in an agent’s TravelCat Agency Management System. The new interface is designed therefore to provide an alternative, more direct, means of communicating information which Comtec claims can greatly reduce an agent’s administration overheads.

The type of information transmitted is configurable by each customer and could include booking confirmation, advising ticket delivery/collection details, advising of balances due, delivering promotions or wishing clients a pleasant trip/welcome home.

Commenting, Richard Turner, Account Director at Comtec said “TravelCat Messaging is all about offering travellers choice and convenience, whilst delivering service differentiation and reduced overheads to travel agents. The travel consumer increasingly wants to dictate how and when they receive travel-related information. TravelCat Messaging provides a new, cost-effective and timely communications option for travel agents.”