Dohop upgrades flight search has implemented a number of important product enhancements. 
Dohop now searches more than 660 scheduled airlines. It calculates the best routes and connections for 3486 airports worldwide. It then provides links to airlines and online travel agents where the latest price and flights can be checked and booked direct.

The new site release includes the following useful upgrades for users:
o The enlarging of the flight schedule database by 3.5 million long-haul flights bringing the total to 33 million flights spanning a period of 14 months.  This now probably makes dohop the most comprehensive flight planner in existence.
o The flight search function has been speeded up to provide an almost instant schedule of flights between chosen airports.
o A new “Add to my trip” function can be used to save flight segments. Now it is easier to mix and match flights from multiple searches to plan complicated multi-city trips around the world. Once the first leg of a trip has been researched, by clicking “Add to my trip”, several flights can be added to provide an extended trip itinerary. This feature can be a great help for those planning around the world flights, multi-city or open-jaw trips** of any kind.
o “Add to my trip” also makes comparison easy. Compare costs, journey times and layovers between your chosen options. Compare low-cost airlines and traditional airlines across all key flight decision points like timing, airport, journey length and price (not always the most important thing!).
o A new mapping feature powered by Google Maps to trace selected flight routes on a world map.

Commenting, Hugo Burge, Cheapflights’ Vice Chairman and Head of International said:
“We are impressed with the way that the dohop team have implemented these improvements to what was already a remarkable site.  This is a perfect tool for those who need to know precise flight times, routes and availability from anywhere to anywhere else…  “
Frosti Sigurjonsson, CEO of said:
“The latest site release makes dohop a very complete flight planner - It is now probably the most comprehensive flight search engine in the world as well as the fastest. People can save both time and money by researching their flights on
The backing from Cheapflights has enabled us to accelerate our product development efforts.  We are looking forward to releasing a plethora of new features in the upcoming weeks and months.”