David Soskin backs open skies

Cheapflights.co.uk CEO David Soskin welcomes today’s announcement but calls for more progress on deregulation in the aviation industry.
Travel between the European Union and the United States today took a new turn with the approval of Open Skies agreement, and David Soskin CEO of Cheapflights.co.uk says this is a great coup for consumers.

“This will make life better for consumers, as new trans-Atlantic services will lead to more competition in the pricing of flights” Mr Soskin commented.

“Since deregulation began in the US almost 30 years ago, this agreement is a start but does not go far enough - there should be a total deregulation ensuring that European airlines can compete in the American market or own more shares in American carriers”
David Soskin believes that American travellers should also have the right to a properly competitive market with no restrictions, and in the future companies should be able to own shares regardless of the nationality of the airline - “the benefits of deregulation in the UK are highly visible with vibrant carrier systems, charter systems and leading low cost airlines available to our consumers”.