Hyatt rolls out new brand

Inspired by the changing landscape of contemporary, multi-tasking business travellers, Global Hyatt Corporation has unveiled Hyatt Place, an innovative hotel concept with a strong appeal to a newly identified target audience who has successfully adapted to today’s ‘24/7 lifestyle’.
Hyatt Place is a new kind of hotel that is different from, yet complementary to, Hyatt’s full-service brands. The new concept was based in part on the findings of extensive consumer research commissioned by Hyatt that uncovered the demands of a new breed of sophisticated travellers who intermingle their professional and personal lives. The study shows more than 90 percent of travelling respondents surveyed said they do not separate their lives into personal or professional areas because their work and leisure time overlap. However, while this audience has adapted to an integrated life by combining their personal and professional lives into one, only 10 percent of study respondents were able to find a hotel that gives them what they want.

This emerging lifestyle trend inspired Hyatt Place to create an environment to foster guests’ productivity, relaxation and fulfillment with an emphasis on stylish design, innovative services and comfortable amenities that people find in their everyday lives.

Expanding at an unprecedented pace, Hyatt Place already has hotels open in and around Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Louisville and Nashville. An impressive 120 hotels will be up and running by December 2007. Those locations include: Dallas, Phoenix, Tampa, Miami, Orlando and Detroit, in addition to other key business and leisure markets throughout the US.

Hyatt Place, designed to meet the needs of this new customer segment, offers travellers a balanced mix of comfortable and functional guestroom amenities such as 42-inch high-definition televisions with next generation entertainment content and free Wi-F i access, all within an oversized, suite-like room with 20 percent more space than the average hotel room.

Hyatt Place guests can stay connected through the innovative Hyatt Plug PanelT, which allows guests to connect their own entertainment media to the high-definition TV, including laptops, MP3 players, DVD players or any other portable device. The signature Hyatt Grand BedT also ensures guests can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in the bedroom area.


Hyatt Place hotels also feature the Gallery, an innovative welcoming arrival area where guests are personally greeted by the Gallery Host who assists guests with everything from check-in to providing personal tours of the hotel. In the Gallery, guests will also find a self-registration kiosk, an intimate coffee and wine café and bakery, free Wi-Fi, a TV den and an e-room with free access to a public computer and printer. Guests at Hyatt Place may purchase signature hot breakfast entrées along with St arbucks® specialty coffees or enjoy a free continental breakfast. Hyatt Place also offers a variety of freshly prepared, café quality items, including made-to-order entrées, sandwiches, soups, salads and pizza which guests can order 24 hours a day, seven days a week via a touch screen menu in the Guest Kitchen or from the Gallery Host.

To help guests stay physically and mentally productive, they can also utilize the hotel’s swimming pool or [email protected] gym featuring state-of-the-art Life Fitness® equipment.

“Hyatt Place is the first hotel of its kind to cater to both the functional and emotional aspects of today’s business and leisure travelers,” said Tom O’Toole, senior vice president of strategy and systems, Global Hyatt Corporation. “For many, the separation between professional and personal life is obsolete, but unfortunately, hotels have not successfully evolved with this trend - until now. Demonstrating that we know what matters mo st to our guests, we’ve created a hotel brand defined by a mindset of a whole person who is combining personal fulfillment with professional growth while traveling.”