Czech boosts summer frequencies

At the end of March, Czech Airline’s new flight schedule will take effect, enhancing flight frequency, primarily to the most popular destinations in Western and Southern Europe.  Brand new Airbus A319 and A320 planes will be deployed on most of those routes.  The summer flight schedule applies from 25 March until 27 October 2007.

“After years of significant expansion, CSA is focusing primarily on stabilising the overall capacity offered, and on increasing the number of its flights to promising destinations,” said Petr Pi?t?lák, Vice-President for Marketing and Product Development.

Compared to last year, CSA will fly more frequently to heavily sought-after destinations, such as Moscow, Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Ko?ice.  CSA will introduce a third daily flight to Moscow, Madrid, and Brussels, and a fourth flight to Amsterdam and Ko?ice.

CSA is also adding several flights on its routes to Yekaterinburg, Samara, Yerevan, and Kiev, as well as to the Baltic States: to Riga, Vilnius, and Tallinn.  New flights will also be added to the north of Europe, for example to Stockholm and Oslo.  Flights to priority markets will also be enhanced, such as to Italy (e.g., to the Bologna, Rome, and Milan airports) and to Germany, to the airports in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart.  New flights will also be added on the routes to Zagreb, Istanbul, Bucharest, Sofia, Krakow, and ?ilina.  CSA will draw the capacity required for the expansion of the most popular routes by reducing some of the less utilised flights, such as on the London - Stansted route, or the routes to Split, Larnaca, Sarajevo, and Skopje.

From May, CSA will also offer direct service from Prague to Atlanta, USA, on code-shared flights with Delta Air Lines.  The service will be operated four times a week, and in the peak summer season, from 4 June to 1 September, five times a week.  A Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 aircraft for 195 passengers will be deployed on the route.


With changes in departure times, the connections to connecting flights will be significantly improved, for example on routes to/from New York, Toronto, Ostrava, Bratislava, Ko?ice, Warsaw, and Budapest.  Also, morning flights from Prague will be better synchronised with connecting flights.  Passengers transferring in Prague will have many more connecting flights from which to choose.  The Airline also offers assistance in transferring to connecting flights, as a part of its arrivals services at Prague Ruzyn? Airport - at no extra charge, priority checking at transfer desks, and priority at security checks, is assured.

In the summer season, CSA will also offer more flights at times of particular interest to business travellers.  Their share in CSA flights continues to grow.  Last year, business passengers accounted for 13 percent of all passengers on CSA flights.  The number of passengers in CSA’s business class increased by six percent, year on year.

In early April, a Czech Airlines’ Airbus A310 will start regular service from Bombay, India, to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Delhi, and Kuala Lumpur, in the colours of Air India.  CSA has concluded a one-year contract for the lease of its plane and the crew, once it has terminated its unprofitable route to Dubai.