Tralliance enhances customer service

To further expand the new .travel Internet space dedicated exclusively to tourism and travel entities, Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry, has launched the Tralliance Partners Programme.

Focusing first on Europe and Africa, the Partners Programme is a consortium of local subject matter experts who will provide enhanced customer service and sales support to travel and tourism companies wishing to market their products and services in the .travel Internet space and at

According to Tralliance Corporation Managing Director of Europe and the Middle East, Daniela Wagner, “We have listened to the marketplace and have responded to the needs of our constituents in these critical geographic areas. Expanding our team to include local partners and product experts will allow Tralliance to provide enhanced customer service and expand the support system to our customers abroad.”

The Tralliance Partners Programme is currently operating with 10 partners, each focusing support efforts in the country where they reside and conduct business. Partners are now located in Italy, Greece, France, Hungary, Romania, Austria and Portugal. The company hopes to expand the program to encompass more key tourism markets throughout Europe and replicate the program in other regions of the world.

“We see the expansion of customer service through the Partners Programme as a logical next step to facilitate the growth of the .travel Internet space,” said Ron Andruff, president of Tralliance Corporation. “We believe the grassroots marketing and support services provided by our new Partners will augment the important guidance and support we continue to receive from so many industry associations with which we continue to collaborate.”


More than 120 travel trade associations from 9 industry sectors and 73 countries, support the .travel Internet space through membership in The Travel Partnership Corporation, a Washington D.C. non-profit corporation formed specifically to promote the .travel top-level domain within the global travel industry.