ebookers launches Disinclination Insurance

ebookers.com is launching its latest innovation in the market place; the Disinclination Cover product specially tailored for airline flights.  It may be the perfect solution for commitment phobes and oversubscribed intrepid travellers but also covers travellers for some of the more serious things in life.

Prices for cover range from £4.99 to £8.99, little more than a bottle of suntan lotion and much less than a pair of designer shades.  So if you’re unlucky enough to get called up for jury service during your holiday of a lifetime or you’re home security alarm goes off on the way to the airport and you’re needed at home, it’s taken care of by Disinclination Cover from ebookers.com

UK and Ireland Managing Director, Ciaran Lally, commented: “We know that a number of travellers for one reason or other are unable to make their flights which hurts their pocket as well as leisure time.  We are bringing this product to market to offer cover to these people. Customers tend to book holidays quite far in advance, but due to changing circumstances some find that they can’t take this time away.  With the Disinclination Cover you can change your mind about a flight, and more importantly, get your money back.”

The product is available online when you book any flight through ebookers.com